By: E. Gilmore

I sold and bought my home with Alexandra this past year and she is absolutely wonderful to deal with. She is very punctual, answered all my questions thoroughly and quickly, and she provided excellent guidance and advice while working my way through this crazy housing market. She made me feel very comfortable and I knew I could trust her while navigating the process of buying and selling a home. I recommend Alexandra to anyone looking to buy or sell a home!

By: J. Bouchard

Very professional and genuinely cares about her clients. We have dealt with Alexandra Daigle in purchasing and selling our home. I highly recommend her and her wonderful team. Thank you for making the process less intimidating and pleasant.

By: Vicky Barrette

Wowwww what a professional, friendly and warm service. Fully satisfied from the beginning to the end. She answers all our questions and helps us a lot even for the questions that do not concern the house example: Schools, or went to make driving license (change of province for us) stores, sport, leisure and entertainment near and Even less close. Always listening even in the evening and the weekend, not awkward and even very funny. I recommend it at 1 000 % for a first house for those more used. She is also surrounded by a great team we loved also her inspector and the lawyer she brought us. In one word thank you, thank you Alexandra for everything, your time, your listening, your explanations, your patience and your wonderful smile. Stop hesitating and contact her in real the shot.

By: Karelle Krivak

Je recommande Alexandra à tous! Nous avons pu construire notre maison de rêve grâce à elle. Si elle n’avait pas été là, nous ne serions pas dans cette belle maison aujourd’hui! Elle est dévouée à rendre ses clients heureux et satisfaits!

By: Patrick couture

Très Professionnelle et elle se donne a 100% pour ses clients j'ai adorer mon expérience avec Alexandra et je la recommande a tous. Grâce a elle j'ai ma belle maison que j'ai fait construire et vu que nous étions pas bilingue elle nous a accompagner partout pour nous aider a choisir nos matériaux, en plus de traduire elle nous aidais pour la décoration ?? Merci alexandra

By: Lucie Doiron

Un grand merci Alexandra. Merci pour ta patience, ta disponibilité incroyable, ton professionalisme et tes services. Tu as su m'aider tout au long de ma démarche pour la vente de ma maison et tout ça à distance. Très agréable d'avoir fait affaire avec toi. Merci beaucoup.

By: Mathieu Cyr

Alexandra has always been my go to realtor, by far the best realtor I've dealt with. She's always there to answer questions in a prompt and timely manner. Very satisfied with her work. Highly successful, highly recommend!

By: Irene Dion

How do describe Alexandra Daigle. She is beyong amazing! She ask our list. Is always available. Do not judge our request. She goes beyond our need. She found out estimate on renovation faster then you can though. Also she make sure that you not just like your new house but felt in love with the New posting/ aera. She also help me to found job, and all the people we need for our renovations. She is beyond amazing. Thank you Alexandra Daigle for your services.

By: Mathieu Pompolio

Meme en etant dans une autre province pour la vente. Tout c est bien derouler. Toujours disponible pour repondre au questions et pour trouver la solution au probleme lie a la vente . :-). LA personne a voir pour la vente d une maison!!!

By: Amélie Morin

Alexandra est très attentive aux besoins de ses clients et elle prend réellement le temps avec eux. Nous avons eu une excellente expérience avec elle pour l’achat de notre maison! Nous la recommandons fortement pour la vente ou l’achat de maison!

By: Gilles Hamel

Bon service, énergique et bilingue. Elle nous a supporter tout au long du processus. Toujours disponible 24/7. Présente avec le contracteur comme interprète et intermédiaire durant notre absence . Pendant la construction de notre maison elle allait faire son tour pour nous envoyer des vidéo de l évolution de celle ci. Je la recommande très bon travail merci !!!

By: Laura Duperron

Amazing realtor!!! She has great connections with lawyers, contractors, home inspectors everyone you could possibly need during your home buying/selling. Very professional, always available, ridiculously quick response anytime you need her. ( legit responds in seconds everytime ?) during renegotiations after a home inspection she surprised us and got us MORE money back than we had expected. I highly recommend Alexandra!! This woman has a hustle like no other and I have never had so much confidence in a realtor's ability to do their job. She was so amazing that my husband and I stopped calling her Alexandra in conversation and now just refer to her as "the rockstar" ?? because she was a flippin rockstar of a realtor!

By: Brad Dickinson

You couldn't ask for a better realtor then Alex. She was able to sell in 6 weeks for the price i wanted. She is very good at what she does and is always looking for whats best for her client. I was very nervous about the sell of my house but Alex was able to calm my nerves and help me get the sale i wished for. I would 100% recommend Alex to anyone! Thank you for everything Alex!!!

By: Sherri Hickey

Alexandra is not only very knowledgable with respect to market pricing, selling strategies and bringing in potential buyers, she is also a genuinely wonderful person as well. She does her utmost to keep you informed and responding to questions (including from the hospital after just having her baby girl!), and even provides advice on emergency veterinary services (we and our dog thank you!). With our cottage being a hard sell because it was not waterfront, she helped us stay positive after an offer fell through and then lead us to our successful sale. We would definitely recommend Alexandra to anyone looking to sell (or buy!) a property in the area. Thanks again for everything, Alexandra. You are awesome!

By: Alex & Robin Mitchell

If your looking for someone who is passionate and knowledgeable about her community and will put you in the right home, talk to Alexandra. Thank-you so much for working with us on our tight schedule and settling us into beautiful Fredericton.

By: Ann Smith

Hi, just a note to say thanks for all you have done for us throughout this process. As first time buyers, we had a lot of unanswered questions regarding the purchase of our home. Thank you for providing the answers to many of these and giving us informed advice on the homes that we visited!

By: Alison Keys

I just wanted to send a quick note to say how thankful I am for having Alexandra help me with the purchase of my mini home at 16 Todd Street. It seemed like there was nothing but problem after problem from day one when I started looking but she went way above and beyond to make sure I was looked after. Each issue that came up, she gave multiple recommendations, solutions and fast advice. She was absolutely wonderful to deal with. So friendly, professional, knowledgeable and solved so many issues for me so that I didn't have to worry about them. She has even been working from her hospital bed the past couple days as she just had a baby! Talk about dedication.. You have a superwoman in your midst! Great experience, highly recommended! Thank you so much.

By: Renata & JP Masse

Our house was for sale for a whole year with another real estate agent. My friend who was in the same situation as ours a couple months prior told me about Alexandra and what a miracle she did for her. My only regret is not going to Alex the first time around. In 2 months’ time, she changed some small things around the house and we sold, just like that. We were flabbergasted. Now, I have 2 other friends who needed to sell their house. After telling them to go see Alexandra, one of them did go with her while the other one chose another company. Well guess what! Alexandra sold her house while the other one, is still for sale. She is simply the best in the matter of real estate. Young, energetic, beautiful, bilingual (such a PLUS)! and she really knows what she’s talking about. Everything was simple with her, from signing documents electronically (quite helpful when you’re not in town), to helping out quickly when you have a question. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience with her, and as I said before, we only wish we went with her sooner!! Good luck Alex, keep up the great service you give your clients!! GIVE HER A CALL, YOU REALLY WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED!!

By: Melanie & Guillaume Olivier & Robin

Alexandra est une jeune agente immobilière qui est se démarque par son professionnalisme et sa patience. Elle a su démontrer de l’intérêt à nous aider même malgré la distance et notre maison qui ne se vendait pas aussi rapidement qu’espéré ! Elle a été disponible pour faire visiter les maisons à mon mari, une première fois, étant sur un cours ici et par la suite y retourner quand nous sommes venus en HHT. Merci Alexandra d’avoir respecté nos critères, nos choix. Nous n’avons jamais senti de jugement de ta part. Merci de nous avoir bien conseillé. C’est en GRANDE partie grâce à toi que nous avons trouvé la maison de nos rêves !! Nous sommes très heureux d’avoir fait ta connaissance également. Merci Mille Fois

By: Stacey Vandecaveye

Being a military family and having a really quick posting (my husband came back from his course and we left the next week for our house hunting trip and then the following week we packed up and left) was scary. We were first time homebuyers with two small children. Alexandra went above and beyond to make sure that we we were happy! This included showing us a house over facetime before we had even officially met her. Talk about above and beyond! Alexandra made sure that we knew what was going on every step of the way and was available to answer any questions that we had, even with the two hour time difference. We found our dream home and couldn’t have done it without her.

By: Marie-Christine Emond

I have purchased then sold a home with the help of my wonderful realtor, Alexandra Daigle. Being a first time home buyer can be very stressful. Alexandra’s professional guidance made that special experience a truly memorable one. She found a house that was perfect and tailored to our every need. Alexandra is a very knowledgeable real estate agent, has integrity and is straightforward with her clients. More recently, I decided to sell that first home. Alexandra went out of her way to provide me with the necessary information to optimize my options. Again, Alexandra’s expertise and professionalism made that experience less stressful. She went above and beyond to close the sale. I was provided with all the crucial information needed to finalize the sale with confidence. Alexandra is a very resourceful and skillful realtor. Her radiant personality is a definite perk. You can trust that your house buying/selling experience will be professionally guided through Alexandra’s expertise.

By: Jay Caron

Alexandra is by far the most efficient person we've ever dealt with in Real Estate. Being a Military couple, we have moved quite a bit. And Alexandra has gone above and beyond for us here in NB, not once, but twice. Would never go to anyone else.

By: Melanie Morin

Alexandra is very knowledgeable , knows how to refer you to the right people and is always available no matter what ! she has been truly amazing with us ! thanks again !

By: Megan & Andrew

Alexandra was excellent to work with! Extremely kind, honest and informative. She made buying our first home a very enjoyable experience. She was always available to answer any questions or concerns we had. Highly recommended!

By: Natalie & Richard

Alexandra was able to assist us in the process of buying and selling our home. She is honest, hard working, knowledgeable, and pleasant to work with. Always able to answer any questions or concerns we had with just a quick text or call. When putting our house on the market, Alexandra gave us some tips and recommendations on what we could do to make our house to make it appeal to potential buyers; and obviously it worked because we were able to sell our house quick and move into our dream home! Would highly recommend! Thanks Alexandra!

By: Ronalda

I met Alexandra when I was going to Open Houses on the weekends after I moved to Fredericton. I was new in the city and didn’t know where I wanted to live. I wanted to take my time before buying to make sure I was getting exactly what I needed. Alex took me on a tour of various places in the city that was available. She was patient and very professional. She let me take my time evaluating my options and didn’t try to rush me to make a quick decision. After I found my new home she introduced me to some of her contacts and guided me throughout the process. After months of searching I have found my home and am very happy with my decision. I’m very grateful to Alex for being patient with all the ups and downs and questions I had during this time. I would recommend Alex to anyone who’s looking to buy a home.

By: VALERIE GILBERT & Michel Marcoux

Que dire d'autre que nous l'avons adoré ! Nous l'a recommanderons sans hésitation!

By: Fanny Chalifoux

Je voudrai vous recommander Alexandra Daigle comme Agent d’immeuble. Je suis rentré en contact avec Alexandra quelques jours avant l’expiration de mon contrat avec ma première Agent d’immeuble, car j’avais un pressant besoin de vendre ma maison, car j’étais poster hors province avec l’armée. À ma première rencontre avec Alexandra, elle m’a tout de suite mis à l’aise et m’a expliqué ce que je devais faire pour aider à la vente. De plus, elle avait une grande confiance vis-à-vis la vente, disant que selon elle, elle pourrait vendre avant mon départ (j’étais à deux semaines avant mon départ). Dès qu’elle a commencé son mandat, tout s’est passé très rapidement. Elle est venue prendre les photos, a mis la maison en ligne sur le web site, et les visites ont commencé très rapidement. J’ai reçu une offre d’achat après seulement deux jours avec elle. Alexandra se démarque par sa personnalité et son vouloir d’aider les gens dans la vente de leur maison! Faites-y confiance ! Elle apporte les résultats souhaités ! Merci Alexandra pour ton immense aide!!

By: Gerald & Rose-Maire Waite

“Alexandra was very helpful at every stage of the process of buying our home questions were answered promptly we were kept fully informed every step which made the sale go very smoothly thank you”

By: Cherlynn Forbes

“Just want to say how pleased I am with the great job Alexandra did helping me through the sale of my home .After our first meeting she put together a very impressive portfolio. Very detailed and professional. Within three days she had shown my home to several potential buyers. By day four my home was sold. I would recommend Alexandra to anyone interested in buying or selling a home. She is an agent with an outgoing personality, energy and excellent knowledge of the realty business.”

By: Mario Imbeault

“Lorsque j’ai pris la décision de vendre ma propriété, j’ai fait appel à Mme Alexandra Daigle de Royal LePage Gardiner Realty afin de m’assurer d’être guidée, protégée et représentée le mieux possible dans cette transaction. En effet, tout au long du processus et dans le tourbillon d’une vente de propriété, je me félicitais d’avoir fait ce choix. Auprès de Mme Daigle, je me sentais en sécurité de par sa grande disponibilité, son professionnalisme hors pair, son écoute et le suivi qu’elle assure du début à la fin. J’ai eu la chance d’avoir un acheteur rapidement en raison de son expertise. Je peux qualifier mon expérience avec Mme Daigle d’agréable par la tranquillité d’esprit qu’elle m’a procurée. Je n’hésiterais pas à recommander Mme Alexandra Daigle à toute personne désireuse de vendre une propriété afin d’être bien outillée pour en sortir gagnant et éviter tout problème pendant et après la transaction. ”

By: Jennie Cote

“Selling a property is stressful enough and doing it long distance makes it more stressful. Alexandra was extremely helpful – always friendly, always responded to my queries quickly and always kept me up to date with what was happening. I would highly recommend Alexandra as an agent.”

By: Andrée-Michèle Haché

I am grateful to have met Alexandra, and there was a comfort zone to hers personality, and how she presented herself in a professional manner. Having engaged her as my agents there was no regrets. I am pleased with the time in which the house we bought, and would highly recommend her. Thank you again Alexandra, and if theres is any need in the future, I will be calling on you. It is my pleasure to recommend Mrs. Alexandra Daigle as a top real estate agent who helped us to get our first home. She always tried her best and was ready with excellent advice to get us the best deal on the house. We recommend her for hers expertise, experience and integrity. Thank you.

By: Lynda Godbout

I would highly recommend Alexandra to anyone who needs an agent that is reliable, hard working, who listens to you, that is courteous, professional and fun to be with. She’s a real gem! Thank you Alexandra

By: Linda , Larry & Chris Meisner

Thanks from all of us here for your tireless efforts to have brought the sale of our sons property to a successful conclusion. Given the circumstances, your compassion, understanding, advice and going well above and beyond was and will be forever appreciated. Buying and selling properties can be extremely stressful but we can honestly say that your refreshing personality, knowledge of the local market trends, assisting us on many occasions when we were out of town and frequent updates showed that our son could not have selected a more capable Real Estate Agent. May you have continued success in your career and we hope you can post many more signs, “Sold in one week”. Best regards.

By: Christy Colicott

Alex, made the process of buying a house much easier then I thought she took off alot of the stress. She was easy to talk to and very professional. Also had alot of advice and a realist view on the market. Very impressed.

By: Melanie Fournier & André Rondeau

Selling a house, buying a house, it’s never easy, it’s stressful and very complicated. But with our real estate agent, it was easy, she took the time to listen us, she included our kids, she took care of our house and she was soooo respectful. I will miss her. Thanks dear Alexandra

By: Casey Gaunce

Alex took all of our stress away during our land purchase. She is hardworking, knowledgeable and dependable. She answered all of our questions and even gave us a lot of information we did not know in regards to land conditions and advice for what to look for when purchasing land. I would recommend Alex to anyone searching for land or a home. Excellent realtor!!

By: Marie-Ève Perreault

Que dire d’autre que nous l’avons adoré ! Nous l’a recommanderons sans hésitation! Un gros merci Alexandra pour TOUT ! Tu n’es pas juste notre agente mais aussi une amie.

By: Anonymous

J’écrit ce message pour remercier Alexandra de nous avoir aider dans tout ce processus de mutation que nous venons de passer. Nous avons eu Alexandra comme recommandation de Kevin Loiselle à Québec puisque nous devions vendre notre maison et acheter au Nouveau-Brunswick. Aussitôt que nous avons été en contact avec Alexandra se fut le coups de foudre. Elle était disponible pour répondre à nos questions en tout temps.Elle a su nous trouver la maison parfaite pour convenir a notre famille. Avant, pendant et après l’achat de la maison elle est toujours disponible pour nous. Elle est très professionnelle, minutieuse, souriante, énergique et compétente.

By: Pascale & Mike

Alexandra help us buy our first home, she was very patient with us and extremely helpful. She got to know us to know exactly what we were looking for and was very honest, which was very important for me. She made this a very smooth process, was available to answer all of our questions and all around just a great person. Would highly recommend her if you are looking for a realtor!!

By: Jessica Dupuis & Mathieu Plante

We are really satisfied for the service that she gave us. We had really difficulties with other realtor but Alexandra was texting quick for appointment to view houses and give us some advice to what location is better for selling your house in the future and what house is more better then others. I want too thank you very much for you help and I really recommend her .

By: Alexandra Plourde & Guillaume Lemay

Merci à Alexandra pour son super service !! Notre maison s’est vendu en 1 journée. Je la recommande à tout le monde gentille, disponible pour répondre à nos questions, professionnelle et ponctuelle.

By: Josh Pilon

Alexandra was amazing throughout our whole home buying process. She answered all our questions. And still does from time to time. Shes always on top of things, very friendly and knowledgeable in matters of real estate If youre looking to sell or buy a house. Alexandra is the one you need. Plus, she offers a billingual service.

By: Darie Tardif

I have been in the Fredericton area for over 4 years always renting, and finally with the great help of Alexandra, I found a home. I can finally say that I found a home that I love. She has made my experience as a first time home buyer exceptional. As a first time buyer, there are a lot of questions, and I didn’t always know where to go or what do it, but thankfully with Alexandra, there are no stupid questions!!!!:). Her guidance is great.

By: Amélie et Thomas

Nous avons rencontré Alexandra lors de notre voyage de recherche de domicile. Nous cherchions un agent bilingue afin d’être certains d’avoir toutes les bonnes informations. Notre maison au Québec n’étant pas encore vendue, nous avons exploré le marché avec Alexandra pendant quelques jours. Elle a été d’une grande disponibilité et d’une bonne écoute quant à nos critères et nos goûts immobiliers. Ayant vendu la maison du Québec plusieurs mois plus tard, nous avons choisi d’habiter dans les résidences de l’armée pour un moment. Étant enceinte de huit mois à notre arrivée au Nouveau-Brunswick, la recherche d’une maison à donc été retardée. Près d’un an après notre rencontre avec Alexandra, nous avons décidé de recommencer nos recherches et l’avons avisé de nos intentions. Elle n’a pas chômé car 3 jours plus tard, elle nous a envoyé la fiche d’une maison pour laquelle nous avons eu un coup de coeur. Il n’a pas fallu plus de 36 heures pour produire une offre acceptée par le vendeur. Cette maison sera notre foyer familial pour plusieurs années. Merci Alexandra d’être une agente de grande confiance, d’une écoute exceptionnelle et d’un professionnalisme incroyable.

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